Madison Went Daffodils!


More than 2,000 daffodils burst into bloom at twelve locations throughout Madison. Guided by the beautiful maps and posters, many visitors traveled the Daffodil Trail, which was also complimented in the Shoreline Times and on Fox Channel 61! It’s been wonderful to brighten so many areas around town, and we’ll work to maintain and expand Madison’s Daffodils for future spring enjoyment. Thanks to all the club members who helped make this project a beautiful success!

Download a map (click on image at right) or pick one up at the DJG House (front fence) or Scranton Library’s Take-Out Room. For Library hours:


New Projects

APPLE ORCHARD (at Bauer Park)

Bauer Park is a 64.5-acre farm owned and managed by the town of Madison. Last year, our Club assumed the management of its apple orchard. We planted 14 organically propagated young trees, adding four new varieties to the 11 existing trees. In addition to nurturing these trees, we will offer an annual apple tree pruning workshop to Club members in late winter. 



Our Club supports the Madison Pollinator Pathway Project, which promotes awareness of the crucial roles of bees, butterflies and other pollinators in sustaining our environment and supporting food availability. The Project also works to preserve, protect and develop pollinator-friendly habitats on public and private land in Madison. By joining the Pollinator Pathway Project, residents can help extend connections from their properties to land-trust sites, town and state gardens, and other private properties. For more information: