Environmental Awareness Programs

This committee was formed to inform and educate members about important environmental issues that can effect our health and the health of the planet. This is achieved by hosting films and lectures, and distributing informative emails titled “Did You Know?”. A collection of DVDs related to various environmental topics will  be donated to the Scranton Memorial Library.


GCM launched it’s environmental programming in 2015 with a lecture by Heather Crawford, Chair and Co-founder of Madison Conservation Commission, titled “From Our Gardens to the Sound, Pollution Travels". It was held at the Mercy Center in Madison and was free for the entire shoreline community.


The 68th UN General Assembly declared 2015 as the International Year of Soil to raise awareness and promote the sustainability of our limited soil resources. To join organizations around the world in this effort, GCM hosted an informational table at Madison’s 2015 Bauer Park Harvest Festival on which was a compost display with handouts and on hand experts to discuss the simplicity and methods of this very important activity.


GCM displays the 2015 briefing materials developed by Connecticut League of Conservation Voters Education Fund on 10 issues of critical importance to Connecticut’s economy, public health and safety. These briefs are on display at all meetings and all events at which GCM hosts an informational table.