The perennial gardens at the rear of the historic Deacon John Grave House.

The Deacon John Grave House

The Grave House is a 1685 saltbox set back on the corner of Academy Street and Route One. On the property, GCM has created two significant gardens. Gracing the area to the rear of the home is a traditional perennial garden appropriate to the house. Bordered by a split-rail fence supporting a grape vine, the garden completes the sense of living homestead.


To the east of the home, in the wooded section of the Grave House property, GCM installed a meandering woodchip path from which one may view the wildflowers and shade plants native to New England. This woodland and fern preserve with a shaded seated area serves not only as a restful bower in the center of town but also as an educational opportunity to highlight the importance and beauty of our native plants.