Garden Club of Madison tirelessly strives to maintain this series of gardens we have developed around Madison. For more detailed information on a specific garden, please go to that garden's page.


East Wharf Seaside Gardens

At the end of East Wharf Road lay three richly planted gardens. The first is along the road disguising the chain link fence, the second is inside the parking area along the side fence and the third is the blooming island in the middle of the parking area.


The Allis-Bushnell House.

In consult with Madison Historical Society, GCM developed the perennial gardens bordering the front of the house foundation and along the rear walkway. Beside the lawn, GCM also installed a must-see, period-appropriate, raised bed,  herb garden  centered around a Victorian sundial.


The Deacon John Grave House

In coordination with The Grave House Foundation GCM developed and maintains two traditional perennial gardens reminiscent of the 1680s, located between the house and the barn. In addition, in the wooded area east of the home, GCM nurtures native woodland plants which can be viewed from the shady seated area or as one strolls along the woodchip path.


The Veterans' Memorial Garden

GCM honors the service of Madison veterans by enhancing the town war memorials with annuals blooming in patriotic colors.